Studio Efforts Regarding COVID-19


COVID-19 Coronavirus | Studio Update | Cyndi Williams Photography

Due to recent global events, Cyndi Williams Photography is preparing for the potential impact on the studio. Below are precautions already in place:

  • Hand-washing is done before and after each session and hand sanitizer is kept out in the shooting area at all times.

  • After each session, the studio is cleaned thoroughly. Every backdrop, wrap and prop your baby touches is washed/sanitized and any gowns that are worn are washed.

  • In an effort to keep everyone who visits the studio safe and healthy, we would like to ask that ONLY members included in the session attend. Please make sure all members are free from any illness, and have not recently traveled. If your session needs to be rescheduled due to illness, please contact me as soon as possible. There will be no fee to reschedule.


Going forward,


  •  We are happy to discuss an alternate plan for each individual client that has a scheduled session for the next two months.

  • While we do not typically offer in home sessions, NEWBORN clients whose sessions are scheduled during the months of March and April will receive a waived in-home session fee if they’d like to move their session from in studio to their home. We would like to ask that ONLY members living in the home be present. Please note that this may change the style of your images, as the photographer would not be working in the typical setting. For safety of the photographer, we would also like to ask that in home sessions be considered ONLY if your family has been self quarantined with no recent travel by any member of the household. If anyone in your home is ill, we will be happy to schedule your studio session after the virus concerns have cleared. 


As far as my family,

We are taking all necessary precautions and following recommendations by the CDC and local authorities to ensure we do not come in contact with anyone who is ill. We have NOT traveled, and am up to date on vaccines. Cyndi Williams is also up to date on the DTAP vaccine.